My mission is to create immersive and captivating soundscapes that transport audiences into the worlds of film and gaming.

My vision is to become a leading force in the film music industry, renowned for our innovative and impactful approach to music composition.

Music with picture

Here are some of the latest projects I worked on, although this isn’t the official trailer music of these videos ©.

**High quality speakers or headphones highly recommend for listening.

the way of inspiration (1)
Really (1)

My other cinematic works

Film/Game Music Demo
The Procession of Majesty
Before The Dawn of Time
The Awakening
To Him who Sits upon the Throne
Waltz of Love
Beneath The heart

*While some of these demo film/game music are still available for licensing, I’m also available to work on custom projects tailored according to your needs and specifications. I’m also available for body (piano) double jobs. If you’re interested in working with me, please book a free call below. Thanks

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